Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Breathe Less, Eat Less (Raw Food) Recipe: Buckwheat Porridge

Here I embark on a series of posts to show raw food is not just lettuce and salads (tasty as they can be).  This is a recipe from previous Art of Life Retreats menus.  See our website: www.artofliferetreats, but more importantly, see you in Bali for the retreat April 5-11 2015!

Buckwheat Porridge
1 cup of soaked buckwheat (put in a bowl and fill water to cover all)
1/2 cup of soaked sunflower seeds
1 apple
coconut oil
almond milk

Rinse the soaked buckwheat thoroughly through a strainer or nut milk bag until there is no 'red' water or foam left.
Put the buckwheat in a bowl and mix it with cinnamon, sunflower seeds, honey and coconut oil.
Put the grated apple on top and serve with almond milk.

Mindful eating tips:

  • look with your eyes;
  • smell with your nose;
  • perhaps touch with your finger;
  • taste with the tip of the tongue;
  • chew each mouthful thoroughly (this should take a long time, during which you can reflect on where and how this food has come to you);
  • swallow;
  • smile;
  • repeat!
Hope to see you in classes, retreats and workshops in Canberra, Sri Lanka or Bali soon!


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