Friday, 23 January 2015

Weekend Class Location January-February 2015

These photos show where we will be practicing (if not raining) on the weekends for the next little while.  Ben and Jerry's cinema has set up.

Both photos were taken from the same spot--one looking towards Black Mountain tower and the other with my back to it.

This is in front of where we normally practice (i.e., we are normally on Patrick White lawns--this is a bit closer to the lake).

The best way I have of describing this is for you to go to the Zimbabwean Flag (it is the last one on the left if you are standing facing the lake).

Then turn to your left and walk about 100m.  You can see the loop road in the second photo.  Just go over it and that is where we are.  In the second photo the flags are just behind those trees.  

Call me if you get lost: 0457 532 858.

Wet weather is still under the eaves of the National Library.

Saturday at 8am
Sunday at 9am

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