Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Way to Parsvakonasana With Strong Legs & Free Spine

There are many ways into postures.  This is one way into parsvakonasana that helps promote a strong and stable base and free spine.

In this posture it is important that you find a place of freedom in the neck.  It will like jam if you do not push the armpit forward and down and if you do not move the ear away from the shoulder.

I come into this pose from a low lunge.  You can try other ways.  The basic ideas are to:

  • set the feet
  • set the pelvis so that sitting bones move forward and under top of the pelvis back
  • ensure the front leg sitting bone does not swing out to the side, encourage it to scoop under
  • press front foot forward, back foot backward.  The legs will feel strong and the spine will feel light. 
  • grip front and back heels in
  • roll back thigh in
  • back leg armpit moves forward and presses down to the floor
  • front leg armpit moves towards the hip
  • turn from the navel first, then the ribs, then the chest
  • relax the throat and neck
  • breathe
  • relax
  • smile
I start from a low lunge.  I line the front foot up with the outside edge of the mat and grip the heel in without moving it. 

I move the sitting bones down and forward, top of the pelvis back.  Lower back lengthens.

I scoop the front leg (right) sitting bone over the left.

I keep the pelvis as it is and lower the back heel without swinging my butt out.   I actively roll the back thigh to roll in. 

I press the front foot forward and back foot backward.  I push the heels inwards.

I feel the spine float up. 

I take my left armpit forward and press lightly down, right armpit moves to the waist.

I straighten my left arm, armpit stays pressing down.  I take my right hand towards the floor.

I keep my arms as they are, my pelvis as it is.  I push my navel forwards and then turn first from the navel, then the ribs, then the chest.  My spine turning towards the ceiling.  My left armpit stays pressing down and forward.  

I lengthen the front without shortening the back by pushing the navel forward again then letting the chest float up. 

I place my neck in a comfortable position. 

I feel that I could move and if I wanted to but I stay still.  I don't feel stuck.  I tense less, I stretch less, I think less.  

I relax.

I breathe.  

I smile. 

May your practice be happy and free!

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