Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Basics Course Starting Sunday 19th May

Is this baby thinking about how to balance?  

Don't confuse the word 'basics' with the word 'easy'.  My basics course, which starts this Sunday, may not require you to fold up into lotus and lift into handstand but the poses will still be challenging.

We are going to focus a lot on standing poses.  Not because they are simple.  In fact, they are quite complex.  All of them will challenge you, especially since I intend to help us learn the requisite joint actions in their one-legged standing variations first!

This approach will ensure your body understands the actions required of it and is able to perform those actions actively.  This is really important.  It will mean you are relying on internal actions and effort rather than on the external forces of gravity or passive movement.  This will make your postures safer, and reduce the chance of activating reflexes that cause stiffness rather than softness.  The result should be that you perform strong postures in a way that feels relaxed!

Sounds good doesn't it?!

My aim is to help your body learn what it needs to do without stress.  Like the baby balancing on his father's hand above.  Is he thinking about how to balance?  Probably not.  He has organised his body weight to help him stand up tall.  His face looks relaxed.  No doubt he is breathing into his belly.  This is how I want our yoga to feel.

So whether or not you are experienced or new to yoga, come along and move your way towards strength, stability and freedom.  Do let me know if you are coming.
The course goes for 6 weeks from 9-1030am at Hapkido Canberra, Colbee Court, Philip.  I did have some signs at the bottom but someone who doesn't want people to know about this course seems to have taken them down!

Bring a mat, bring a friend, and get ready to move!

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