Friday, 18 December 2015

Beautiful Yogis

Levitating Yoga Mascot
 Just wanted to share some beautiful post yoga moments over the past few weeks.  Some of you might not have seen these photos demonstrating your joy, radiance, humour, contentment, and general amazingness.

After 9 weeks everyone has nailed this one!

Some days it has been hot enough for a swim (for some at least)

A drizzly day taking shelter under the High Court.  Can't believe we still needed our icebreaker kit just a few weeks ago!

A bit of practice before class.
We had lots of fun with this posture.  In week one most of us were falling over like dominoes. But by week 9 we were beautiful side lying Buddhas.  

Oh, just me having a bit of fun after class in my batgirl pose. 

Lovely homemade Komboucha by Chris after classes.

Perfect evenings when we just wanted to stay and camp out under the stars....

...and a few stormy ones where we had to trek for shelter!

A very tricky tummy-spine awaking posture.  Great job guys!

Can't wait until the next sequence!  Next week I will have a stand alone sequence made up depending on who comes to class and we will start with a new sequence in the new year.

It has been a joy to teach you guys and see how much you have learned in the past 9 weeks.  Outstanding!

Much metta,

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