Friday, 3 July 2015

Winter Post Class Chai Catch Ups

If you are in Canberra you know is it winter.

And it has only taken me until half way through winter to bring along a thermos of hot chai for us to sip on after class!

So bring along a cup and avail ye of a post class warming beverage if you like.

Ingredients: various chai spices, organic coconut milk (pure harvest brand).  No black tea--not that there is anything wrong with it but there just isn't any.

Probably made in a little bit of a rush but in a loving rush that is sure to give a little zip to your day.

From time to time I might add raw cacao powder for a chocolatey chai!

Ideally I would love to have a little flask the general passerby could have as a little bit of community cheer but given it has taken me this long to organise just one flask for our class I will have to keep this idea simmering and hopefully action it next year!


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