Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Voice Resting, Class Cancelled

Beautiful photography by Vishal Pandey.  Go to his website at www.wanderlust73

Although I can lead a silent class (and love it), I am laying low and cancelling today's class to rest my voice--popping my head in the sand or maybe just coming into a quiet and active stillness as this beautiful photo reflects.

I have lost it (my voice that is), and it is too tempting to try and whisper and talk to people, which I think is making it worse!

So try a silent practice of your own tonight if you can.  Perhaps still getting out in nature!

The beautiful snapshot of me was taken by Vishal Pandey, who happened to pass our yoga class one day on one of his routine explorations to photograph Canberra and Canberrans in all their splendour.

Do go to his website at to see his amazing images.  His shots will make you fall in love with Canberra all over again.

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