Monday, 24 June 2013

Basic Daily Spinal Movement Sequence

I have been trying to post a video like this for a while and been putting it off as I seem to be having focus problems with the camera.  Sorry about that.  In any case, try to view the video once and then just listen to what I am saying so that you can perhaps even close your eyes as you do the sequence.

This sequence is how I open my yoga classes these days. Well, this or a variation of it.

This is a spinal movement sequence where we try to lengthen, then flex, then extend, then side bend, and then rotate the spine.

It is influenced by the work of Simon and Bianca at Yoga Synergy and I highly recommend you visit their site (link on my homepage) and even get to their classes if you are in Sydney.

Why film myself doing it if I direct you to the source?  Mainly for students who come to me to see so they can connect with what I am doing in class.  Also, this is a slight variation and I have a different body to Simon and Bianca so it is nice to see how different bodies move and respond to the same or similar instructions.

A few words before you practice.

Only do what is comfortable.

Move slowly.

Always make sure you can relax and breathe.  Doing too much--tensing too much and stretching too much--is more likely to block the flow of blood and energy through your body rather than enhance it.

Try to initiate movements from the navel level of the spine up--one vertebra at a time if possible.

This sequence asks of you to breathe into the belly so that you can relax and to then create the firmness in the abdomen using postural adjustments rather than by actively pulling the belly in and tightening around the abdomen.

Notice that performing active movements initiated from the navel level will bring a natural firmness to the belly.

Think about lengthening rather than stretching.  Think about firming rather than tensing.

Wearing pink flowers in your hair helps the practice (the science is very solid in this regard) but is not essential.

May your practice be safe, happy, and peaceful!

Classes (see schedule page for full details):

Mon 1300-1530h @ Barton [private classes]

Wed 0615-0715h @ Hapkido Canberra, Colbee Court, Phillip, ACT, $12

Wed 1030-1130h @ Alive! Gym, Narrabundah

Wed 1245-1315h @ Menzies Library Lawn, ANU, $5

Sat 0900-1030h @ St Aidan's Uniting Church, Brockman St, Narrabundah, $15

Sun 0900-1030h @ Hapkido Canberra, Colbee Court, Phillip, ACT, $15

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