Tuesday, 5 March 2013

1, 2, 3 & Lift Off!


Out behind the backyard in the Aussie bush practicing my bakasana!  This is one of the poses we’ll be working on in the hip and arm balance workshop coming up on Saturday 16 March 9-11am by Lake BG.  Check out my ‘Workshop’ page for details or contact me.  Until then, have a looksee below.

Step one: Roll up sleeves, get ready.  Wonder to myself why I am practicing on gravel.  It hurts a bit.  Remind myself of my recent post on using the hands properly in yoga poses.

Step two: Folding forward, clawing floor, leaning into hands, doming chest, and lifting belly.

Step three: Looking forward, doming chest, lifting belly, lifting pulling thighs up, knees to shoulders, on my tiptoes, weight forward, light on feet.

Step four: Looking forward, doming more, belly lifting more, leaning forward, feet float off ground!

Bakasana and other arm balances can be scary.  Mainly because it can feel like you are going to face plant if you don’t generate enough lift through the hands, armpits, chest, and belly.  In my upcoming workshop we will learn some tricks and head over to the grass.  It should help!

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