Thursday, 14 March 2013

Workshop on Saturday 16th-Precise Location Revealed!

We will be behind and above the grass bowl on the left!

I could not find a way to pinpoint the exact location of tomorrow's workshop so I will talk you through it.

If you are standing with your back to the Lake and looking at the flags you will see there are flags in front of the High Court to your left and in front of Questacon to your right.  In between the flags is a semi-circular grass bowl, which I will call the grass bowl (not to be confused with the super bowl).

Anyway, above and behind the grass bowl is a plateau of grass.  We are going to be up there.  So walk up the grass bowl on the High Court side, once at the top you should see us.  There are some trees that will afford us some shade!  You'll still need sunscreen and water though.

I am going to bring a big beach towel to practice on as well as my yoga mat and see which one suits better.  The grass is a bit soft already so a yoga mat might be too spongy.

Looking forward to it!  If you haven't given me your mobile number already, please do as we'll have to move if it rains!

Below I have posted an old youtube video I made a few years ago.  Maybe turn the sound down!  This is one of the ways to come into bakasana.  There are more.  We'll approach it different ways on Saturday to see what suits you best!

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