Friday, 14 July 2017

Mountain Mandala Flow

I am up at about 5000 ft in the mountains of Haputale, Sri Lanka.  It's pretty spectacular.

Here I created a mountain mandala flow.

We often do this in class but facing the one direction.

But here there are beautiful views from every direction here and so I wanted to move and take them all in.

So here I repeat the same movement pattern but just turning 90 degrees each time.

It also gives you a 360 degree view of the movements so you get a better perspective.

Ok, I realise there are wardrobe malfunctions here but those who know me know my yoga wardrobe is the least of my concerns.  Hopefully no one will be offended.

I particularly wanted to create this for Karen and Dave, my mountain friends in Nepal.  Hope this helps with your practice.

Happy and safe practicing.


  1. Thank you Samantha it is perfect - and a lovely reminder of the views from Haputale.

    1. Haputale will be just as you remember it Karen! I took some of the other videos from other gardens--one in front of Eirie, and one in front of Wildflower. This way of doing this sequence I made up on the spot. There is no reason to fix yourself to one place and I can imagine you guys taking this practice around your own beautiful mountain view garden in Nepal!xo