Friday, 4 September 2015

Spinal Wriggles To Backdrop

Here I show lots of movement throughout my spine as I try to get my wriggle-on and lengthen my spine from bottom to top as much as possible to come into a standing backdrop that lengthens rather than squashes my spine and so feels delightful.

I wriggle up...

and up...

and up...

And my up takes me back...

And down, but in an up kind of way!

When practicing backbends it is important the spine does not feel tense.  It is important to feel light and free.  It is important that your whole body is smiling from the inside.

Well, that's how I like to practice.

This video is not intended for anyone to copy.  Such poses are learned from a teacher.  It is more for my students to have a look at how when you keep wriggling up you can also come down.  A bit like a slinky.  

Happy and safe practicing and hope to see you soon.  We will be practicing outdoor yoga in the sun from now on so protect yourself however you need.  See you in Canberra or Sri Lanka for my upcoming retreat (October 1-4 2015).

Much metta,

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