Monday, 31 August 2015

Learning Energy Moving From Masters

Last weekend I spent the weekend learning from a master's master.

Master Yang is an energy moving expert.  You can find out more about Master Yang and his schedule at  Everyone should learn from this beautiful human.

Here is a video of how he uses his energy moving system that leaves your cells singing!

Master's master was a man who could use his energy to do handstands with one finger.  I found this video of such an amazing feat.

All of this amazing-ness lead me to a lazy trawl of youtube where I found this interesting documentary on the Shaolin.  At around the 13 minute mark you see some active yoga postures, including a monk who moves his legs behind his head without using his hands.  Pretty amazing.

Dedication and focus!

I just popped these videos up as beautiful examples of how masterful teachers practice!

Much metta,

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