Sunday, 7 December 2014

Another reason I teach...

Some of the beautiful people I have shared yoga with this year!

Today I had at least 5 people in class who had severe injuries/illnesses.

There was a person with an active foot injury (we are not sure what.  I did suggest she go and see someone as it is not getting better).

There was a person who had experienced a mini-stroke earlier in the year.  He walked into the class with numbness in his hands.

There was a person who'd done something to muscles somewhere around his shoulder blade.

There was a person recovering from severe spinal injuries.

There was a person with cervical spine injuries.

In the mix there were auto-immune diseases, stress and worries about daily life, and just general getting older.

Goodness.  When I write it down I wonder how did I manage?

I taught this class the same way I teach every class.

By giving people basic tips about free movement.  About pain free movement.

About how to move their spines so they lengthen and do not squash.

So that they firm but do not tense.

So they are active and not passive.

And you know what?

I taught this entire class in silence.

Not a single word was uttered.

I know these people.  They were not new to class.  They had come to class before.

They had listened to me talk about transforming their yoga practice to something that was healing.

They listened to me give key instructions about moving.

They applied these basic principles and instructions.

They were of mixed ages and abilities.

They all came out feeling better.

Numb fingers had gone (the numbness, not the fingers!).

Pesky shoulder muscles moved more freely.

Lower backs released a little.

Feet were better off.

Necks were happier.

We were all generally happier.

This is the nature of a great practice.

So pleased to be a part of it.

It is why I teach.

For me, performance is not measured by how many people come to class.

It is measured by how much I can help, even if that is just one person.

And that one person could even just be me.

Because if I help myself, I am also helping you.

Just a word of caution.  Not everyone can teach this way and I do not recommend teaching people with illness or injury unless you have more advanced training.  It is not the 'yoga' that healed but the way the yoga was taught and then integrated and practiced.  Incorrect instructions or practice can make you worse.

Happy and safe practicing!

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