Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hips & Arm Balance Workshop: Heads Up

If this elephant can balance then so can you!

Looking at some of the more advanced yoga poses my mind sometimes does a loop-the-loop as it mentally tries to calculate how on earth my body can get itself into the position.  Some of the tricky arm balances, like astavakrasana (below), are no exception. 

That’s one of the reasons workshops are so great.   Your teacher has done all the looping around beforehand to deconstruct the pose into its teeny-tiny building blocks so your body understands how to get there. 

I have taken a batch of pretty ‘thorny’ arm balances for this Saturday’s workshop and will take you through them step-by-step.  Whether or not you do the final pose is not the point as my aim is to help you cultivate strength, stability, and freedom that will bring you closer to them. 

I have chosen poses that not only challenge our hips but also require a bit of twisting and side bending so you’ll come away with a beautiful spine!

We’ll take a look at how on earth we could think of getting into astavakrasana (above), as well as parsva bakasana (below).

I will take you through the steps of eka pada koundinyasana II (and maybe even I).  And we’ll see if there is time for vismaristasana (below). 

If your mind is now doing a loop-the-loop don’t worry.  I have developed a few nifty tricks of my own to help us find our way into our own expressions of these poses while remaining mindful that it doesn’t really matter if you find the final pose.  In yoga it is the way into the pose that is infinitely more interesting and beneficial. 

Here’s a bit of a head’s up on some of the ways we will find our way into these poses at the workshop this Saturday.

  1.         I will give you tips on how to firm your belly to create lift and power without having to grip it or suck it in!
  2.        I will give you tips on how to use your hands and shoulders so you don’t sink or collapse and so your wrists remain free.
  3.       I will teach you a few ‘tricks’ on how to create greater mobility in the hips without compromising stability.
  4.      I will help you find ways to release your spine so that it moves in greater freedom.

This workshop is 2.5 hours.  Don’t be daunted.  The last 30 minutes is for meditation and relaxation.  There’ll be plenty of time for us to have mini rest breaks throughout the sequence as well.  I know some people might not be able to stay for the entire workshop so if that is you then just let me know beforehand so I can cue you to an appropriate time to do so. 

In the off-chance we need to change venue or something then I will let you know by SMS if you have given me your number!

It is so sunny and beautiful we will again be practicing by Lake Burley Griffin up on the plateau behind the grass bowl and flags.  We will be under some trees on the high court side.  Starts at 9 and finishes at 1130 (includes long relaxation).  Cost $25. Bring water your mat and a beach towel and wear sunscreen/sunglasses/hat!

Looking forward to sharing some yoga with you. 

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