Friday, 27 March 2015

Some simple energy moving sequences: You don't have to do the big stuff to feel good

Small parsvakonasana

I can do some tricky things in my yoga practice (though there are others who can do so much more).

I have gone through a phase of sharing some of these 'bigger' things.  But I don't want to be misleading.

I do those things some of the time.

Other times I choose to do 'smaller' things.  I have two videos showing these 'small' variations here.

I do tiny trikonasana, tiny parsvakonasana.  Everything tiny.  I still move actively, but just minutely.

I wanted to post these less complex variations of some of the postures in the sequences I teach so you can see for yourself what I often do in my own practice.

I was also inspired to post these because I have had several conversations over the past few weeks from people recovering from illnesses or injuries and who might think they cannot do yoga or who sometimes come to class trying to do all of the big stuff they did before.

I always try to model what I teach.  I practice when I am sick.  I have practiced when I have had ailments.

Only a few weeks ago I taught class about an hour after having dental surgery (scheduling mistake not deliberate!).  I was experiencing dizziness and balance disturbances.

I still taught and practiced.  But, mindful of my condition on that particular day, I practiced within my capacity for that moment.  That meant I did not go upside down and did the smaller versions of postures.

It is so important to shape your practice in accordance with what is going on in your body and mind on a particular day.

There is no shame in going small.  I feel really great, maybe even better, when I just do the simplest, mindful variations of postures.  Some days I teach 4 hours of yoga in between a full-time job.  While I could do the big postures, I always know I will feel better if I just do the small ones.  So I do (practice small).  And I do (feel better).

I hope you might as well.

The first sequence above shows some standing postures.

The video below shows a standing balance, spinal movement sequence.  Actually, I posted that one mainly for the entertainment value of watching the car pull up behind me around 1m 30s and pause and just stare.  Then, around a minute later it pulls up again.  Eventually the guy winds the window down and asks what I am doing.  I say yoga and he can join me if he wants but he just drives off saying he is not flexible.  This was hilarious to me for many reasons but mainly because I am not doing anything that looks like you need flexibility at all.   Basically, if you can stand you can probably do what I am doing (with more or less of your toe tip on the ground).

Anyway, happy, safe, and small practicing!

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