Friday, 6 February 2015

Raw Food Interview With Sonja Eberhard

We have a whizz in the kitchen at our Bali retreat.  

Not only will she be preparing our food, she will be teaching us about it and how we can make it at home.   

Below, Sonja Eberhard, answers some questions about her journey towards raw food, whether it is for everybody, what changes you can expect, whether you will be hungry, and more!  

Q.  What does it mean to be a raw foodie?
A.   Its means being in tune with oneself.  It’s about being connected mind, body and soul.

Raw food gives me energy.

It makes me aware of what my body needs, and also helps me become aware of my surroundings.

Overall, living as a ‘raw foodie’ I feel more connected to myself and to my environment.

Q. What are some of the changes you can expect to feel when moving to a raw food diet?  Are there any uncomfortable things that happen in the transition--temporary or otherwise?A. Everyone experiences his or her own journey. 

I was basically quite healthy and vegetarian for over 20 years when I started. 

Well, aside from digestive problems, skin problems, and stress levels!  And I believe all of those problems were connected but eventually resolved through the change in lifestyle.

My own transition was easy. However, I did have a couple of healing crises where my skin broke out in a rash but with time it got better and better.

Q. Is raw food for everyone?  Are there people who it might not be suitable for?A. 100% raw food is not for everyone.  Not even for me. 

I attempted 100 % raw for 2 years to see how it agreed with me but I was missing the grounding food especially in the winter months.

These days my diet is 80 % raw food.  I have never felt better even as I head towards my 50s. I promised myself to grow old healthy and vibrant and now I am.

If everyone can incorporate 50% of raw food into their daily diet then they are on a good path.

But one of the main things is to listen to your body.  It will tell you if you need more or less raw food.

Q. What is the most surprising/funniest question you have been asked about living a raw food life?A. Well the bowel stories are quiet funny and I just don’t know why it is such an interesting topic in the raw food world.

Q.  What do you always keep handy in the kitchen?A. My passion for healthy, tasty food.If I am in a bad mood (which is rare) I don’t prepare food.  You need the right intention.  Your energy goes into the food you make -simple as that.

Q. Are there any gadgets that are on the must-have list?A. A good blender and a food processor.

Q. Favourite recipe?A. A simple salad.  Honestly!

My eating desires have simplified over these years.

I love preparing elaborate raw food for others but when it comes to my stomach easy is best.

Q. I know a lot of people who are worried they will be hungry eating raw food—especially if they don’t get rice or pasta or bread.  What do you have to say about that?A. I guess we have gotten so use to eating our 3 meals a day and having these huge gaps in between.  Also not drinking enough water during the day is a reason we feel hungry, which confuses the brain into thinking that the body needs food when it just needs water.

But you will be surprised how the body adapts very quickly.

I have always been a grazer.  If you feel hungry eat but just try to eat the right foods and drink lots of water.

Also I am a firm believer that combining the right foods plays a significant role with regards to feelings of hunger.

Q.  Why do you think people should consider making a shift towards raw food?Almost everyone at some point has experienced a detoxifying moment in their life and I bet the majority have experienced a sense of wellbeing, increased energy, clearer senses, so that all in all they felt fantastic.

Why not carry this feeling with you all the time?

Why do we need an excuse to go on a diet or to detoxify?

I do it because, simply, it makes me feel great.  Why change a good thing?It’s not rocket science.  Eat the foods that are alive because guaranteed it will make you feel alive.

Q. What do you think is the best way to transition to a raw food diet so that it is sustainable?A. Go slow. Feel it. Don't think too much about it.

Listen to your body.

Educate yourself.

Enrol in a raw food workshop or even better Art of Life Retreat!Trust me something will shift and then you won't look back!

You can find out more about Sonja at

And follow her and her magical creations on instagram @sonjaeberhard



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